Monday, May 3, 2010

Crossing My Fingers For The.....

Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer.

Definition? "The warmest season of the year?" Mehhh. "One of the four temperate seasons marked by the time of the year with the longest days, and lies between spring and autumn?" Too wordy. "The period of finest development, happiness, or beauty? "Bingo.
Summer for me this year started completely different than the norm. It probably had to do with the fact that it's my first summer back from my first year at college. Or the fact that it began in April rather than June. It's crazy to think that around this time last year, I was still in high school living up my senior year and getting ready to graduate. Now I'm on the outside looking in on the next future alumnus of Waiakea High with a "been there, done that" perspective. It's really amazing how different I feel after only one year of being away at college on the mainland.
I've been back in Hilo for a little over a week & I've already eaten at Ocean Sushi Deli twice. I think it's pretty obvious that I've been sushi deprived these last 4 months when I displayed a squeal of delight both times when they served up my order. At least Jaypee got that message loud & clear for sure. What can I say though, I've just really really missed eating quality, delicious, affordable sushi right here in my hometown. There is just something about eating at a favorite local restaurant after being away for a while that screams, "Welcome Home!!!"
Besides kicking it with Jaypee, I've been doing the dreaded deed of summer job hunting. It's bad enough that Hilo is a small town, but employers aren't really gung ho about hiring someone only seasonally. Having connections & knowing business etiquette really pays off in the competitive job world though. It sure paid off for me when I landed an on-the-spot interview with an interested employer a few days ago. I'm not going to say where yet just in case I don't get the position (& because I don't want to jinx it), but let's just say that tomorrow at 3pm I will know whether I will be at the mall almost daily orrr if I'm back to being on the hunt. Cross your fingers for me!
At around 4 today I came back from spending the weekend camping with L&K & co. It was ahhhhmazing being back right by the ocean. It wasn't the same as going to an actual beach to lie out in the sand or go in & out of the water, but fishing and sleeping outdoors definitely made up for it. The fish weren't biting as much as usual though... which was quite disappointing and sad. But hey, maybe they finally got smart & learned to not bite the shiny sharp thingy. I really enjoyed myself this weekend. Being around people who spoke pidgin fluently and eating local foods made me feel like I never even left the islands. I guess you can really take the girl from the island, but not the island from the girl. It was also good to catch up & hang out with L&K as well as make some new friends. I am proud to be an honorary member of the School of Fish. (:
The social forecast this week is looking more exciting than the past week. K, C, & O came home this past Friday so the Brat Pack is slowly rebuilding up. I'm kickin it old school with K tomorrow at Waiakea's May Day program so that should be... interesting. Everyone is starting to trickle in with at least one person coming home every week this month. It's so good seeing old faces & having that rush of familiarity come back again.
I'm too lazy to put up any pictures right now so just use your imagination on the visuals. Picture a short happy brown girl stuffing sushi in her face, possibly working at a retail store, and escaping from civilization to paradise. Got it? Awesome. Well, Adieu for now. Keep checking back or click that follow button (whatever that does) to read about the adventures from my life. I may not be that much of an exciting person to keep track of, but I'm sure as heck not boring either.
Oh, & as for my summer romance status? It's a thumbs up. A little rough around the edges lately but that's what makes it exciting right? He keeps me on my toes but at the same time he keeps me grounded. He's something different but at the same time oddly familiar. He's everything I never knew I needed, basically. Who knew. (:

Later Days.

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